Binance Pool To Support BTC Mining Industry With a $500M Miner Lending Project


Main Takeaways

  • Binance Pool has recently launched a $500 million project to support the crypto mining industry.

  • In addition to serving borrowers, Binance Pool is looking for cloud mining vendors.

  • Learn more about the mining lending project here.

Binance Pool recently unveiled a $500-million project to support BTC mining and infrastructure providers. Learn more about its efforts to bolster the mining industry here.

As one of the world’s leading crypto mining pools, Binance Pool has a responsibility to help maintain a healthy digital asset ecosystem. In light of current market conditions, Binance Pool is launching a $500million lending project to support crypto miners and digital infrastructure providers.

The first of its kind for Binance Pool, this project was designed to provide secure debt financing services to both public and private blue-chip bitcoin (BTC) mining and digital asset infrastructure companies globally. 

Miner Lending Project Summary

1. Provide access to $500 million worth of loans

Eligible borrowers will be required to agree to our terms & conditions, including but not limited to:

a. an 18 to 24-month term

b. interest rates ranging from 5% to 10%; and

c. offering security, either physical or digital assets, satisfactory to Binance

2. Working with cloud mining vendors

Binance Pool intends to launch cloud mining products. As the cloud mining hash power will be directly purchased from bitcoin mining and digital infrastructure providers, Binance Pool is looking for cloud mining vendors to work with us.

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