What is Metaverse?


Connection between the financial world, virtual, and physical has become increasingly connected. The device we use to manage our lives gives us access to almost everything we want with a touch of a button. Ecosystem Crypto also hasn't escaped this. NFTS, Blockchain games, and Crypto payments are not only limited to Crypto Geeks again. They are now all easy available as part of the growing metaverse.

What is the definition of metapheverse?

Metaverse is the concept of online, 3D, virtual space that connects users in all aspects of their lives. This will connect multiple platforms, similar to the internet that contains various websites that can be accessed through a single browser.

This concept was developed in science fiction snow collisions by Neal Stephenson. However, while the idea of ​​metaphevers has been fiction, now it seems that it can come true in the future.

You can already see several aspects of the metavers in the world of virtual video games. Games like both life and fortnite or work socialization tools such as gathering. The week brings together various elements of our lives into the online world. Even though this application is not metaverse, they are rather similar. Metaverse still does not exist.
In addition to supporting gaming or social media, Metavers will combine the economy, digital identity, decentralization governance, and other applications. Even today, the manufacture of users and ownership of valuables and currencies help develop one, United Metaverse. All of these features provide potential blockchain to power this future technology.

Why video games are linked to Metapheverse?

Because of the emphasis on 3D virtual reality, video games offer the closest metaverse experience currently. This point isn’t just because they are 3D, though. Video games now offer services and features that cross over into other aspects of our lives. The video game Roblox even hosts virtual events like concerts and meetups. Players don't just play the game anymore; they also use it for other activities and parts of their lives in "cyberspace". For example, in the multiplayer game Fortnite, 12.3 million players took part in Travis Scott's virtual in-game music tour.

How does Crypto match Metaverse?

Gaming provides 3D aspects of metaverse but does not cover all that is needed in the virtual world that can cover all aspects of life. Crypto can offer other important parts needed, such as digital proof ownership, value transfer, governance, and accessibility. But what does this mean?
If, in the future, we work, socialize, and even buy virtual items in Metaverse, we need a safe way to show ownership. We also need to feel safe transferring these items and money around Metaverse. Finally, we will also want to play a role in making decisions that occur in Metaverse if it will be a big part of our lives.

Some video games have contained several basic solutions, but many developers use Crypto and Blockchain instead as a better choice. Blockchain provides a decentralized and transparent way to deal with topics, while the development of video-games is more centered.
Blockchain developers also affect the world of video games. General Gamification in Decentralized Finance (DEFI) and Gamefi. It seems that there will be enough in common in the future that the two worlds can become more integrated. The key aspect of the blockchain that is suitable for Metaverse is:

 Proof of digital ownership

By having a wallet with access to your personal key, you can immediately prove the ownership of activity or assets in Blockchain. For example, you can display your transaction transcript right in Blockchain while working to show accountability. Wallets are one of the safest and safest methods to set digital identity and proof of ownership.

Digital collectibility

Just like we can make who has something, we can also show that an original and unique item. For Metaverses who want to combine more real life activities, this is important. Through NFT, we can make objects that are 100% unique and can never be copied exactly or forged. A blockchain can also represent the ownership of physical goods.

Transfer of value

Metaverse will need a way to transfer values ​​safely that is trusted by users. The currency in the game in a multi-player game is less safe than Crypto in Blockchain. If the user spends a lot of time in Metaverse and even gets money there, they will need a reliable currency.


The ability to control the rules of your interaction with metaphevers is also important for users. In real life, we can have voting rights in the company and pick leaders and governments. Metaverse also needs to apply fair governance, and blockchains have proven to do this.


Make a wallet open for anyone around the world in public blockchain. Unlike bank accounts, you don't need to pay money or provide details. This makes it one of the most accessible ways to manage financial and digital identity online.


Blockchain technology continues to increase compatibility between different platforms. Projects such as polkadot (dot) and avalanche (avax) make it possible to create custom blockchains that can interact with each other. A little metavers need to connect several projects, and Blockchain technology already has a solution for this.

What is Metaphevers work?

As we mentioned, Metaverse will combine all aspects of life in one place. While many people have worked at home, in Metaverse, you will be able to enter the 3D office and interact with your colleagues. Your work can also be related to Metafevers and giving you direct income can be used in metaverse. In fact, this type of work is already in the same form.

Gamefi and play-to-buy models now provide a stable revenue stream for people around the world. This online job is a great candidate for the implementation of metaphevers in the future, because they show that people are willing to spend their lives and produce in the virtual world. Play-to-get game like axie infinity and gods that are not achieved do not have a 3D world or avatar. However, it is the principle that they can be part of Metaverse as a way to get money completely in the online world.

Metaverse examples

Even though we don't have one, metaverse linked, we have many platforms and projects that are similar to Metaverse. Usually, this also combines NFTS and other blockchain elements. Let's look at three examples


SecondLive is a 3D virtual environment where users control avatars to socialize, study, and business. The project also has a NFT market to exchange collections. On September 2020, Secondlive held a Smart Binance Harvest Chain Festival as part of his first warning. Virtual Expo shows off various projects in the BSC ecosystem for users to explore and interact with.

What is the future of Metafeverse?

Facebook is one of the hardest sounds for the creation of integrated metaverse. This is very interesting for crypto-powered metaverse because of the Facebook Stablecoin project. Mark Zuckerberg explicitly mentions his plan to use the Metafevers project to support long distance work and increase financial opportunities for people in developing countries. Facebook ownership of social media, communication, and the Crypto platform provides a good start to combine all of these worlds into one. Other large technology companies also target the creation of metaverse, including Microsoft, Apple, and Google.
When it comes to crypto-powered metaverse, further integration between the NFT market and Virtual 3D universe looks like the next step. NFT holders have been able to sell their items from various sources in the market such as Opensea and BakerySwap, but there is no popular 3D platform for this. On a larger scale, Blockchain developers may develop applications such as Popular Metaverse with more organic users than large technology giants.

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