Instant Free Claim 251 CEHH Crypto Token

Instant Free Claim 251 CEHH Crypto Token [ $20 $4 ]

CEHH Token Get Free On Metamask wallet Already Listed Uniswapp Get Free Token

Step - 1

Search Google Chrome In Web Store Meta Mask Wallets

Meta Mask Wallets Available In Play Store

Step - 2

Add Your Wallet

Step - 3

Create New Metta Mask Wallet

Step - 4

Create Password

Step - 5

Create Password

Step - 6

Copy And Noted Secret Backup Phrase Code

Step - 7

Enter Correct Secret Backup Phrase Code Enter

Finally Your Wallets In Ready To Use

Step - 8

click add token

Step - 9

Add Token Custom Token

Step - 10

Important Steps

Copy And Paste This Token Address


How to Swapp CEHH Token to ETH Search

Step - 1

Allow The Uniswap Protocol To Use Your CEHH

Finaly Recevied $18 ETH

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